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Story of A Muddy Medieval Massacre: Traditional Poem Turned Book

Love and war in Anglo-Saxon times, where Judith must save her city from deadly Holofernes. 

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From author Sarah E Zilkowski comes Beasts of War, featuring the Anglo-Saxon heroine Judith who must protect her people from the wrath of an evil warlord sweeping his armies across England.

He’s ruthless, he’s evil, he’s absolute. He is Holofernes. After effecting a bloodbath on the land, he arrives at the great wall of Bethulia. To bide his time and chip away at the defending city’s forces, he initiates a ruse siege.

When he finally attacks, it will be a complete massacre. So, he must be stopped, at all costs.

Enter young, beautiful maiden Judith. She is charming but also fierce, and she is the only one who can get close enough to kill him. But this is a mission she may very well fail, because as soon as he locks eyes with her, he falls in love. And turns on his deadly charm.

Witness how as Judith wades through his magnetic pull, her mission becomes foggier still. Until she is locked in confusion about her rightful place in the war. And discovers that heavy is the head that wears the crown.

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Sarah E Zilkowski

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